Why You Should Send Brand Ambassadors to a Tailgate

Why You Should Send Brand Ambassadors to a Tailgate

Before any major sporting event or concert, there’s bound to be a tailgate — it’s the party before the party! Everyone is generally in good spirits and excited about the event ahead. What better time to connect with your target audience? Sending brand ambassadors to a tailgate is a great environment to introduce yourself to new prospects and remind your current customers you’re there and ready to serve them. Discover all the reasons why you should be sending brand ambassadors to tailgating events in your area. 

Brand ambassadors remind people your brand is human. An age-old truth of business is that people like to buy from people. By sending a brand ambassador to a tailgate, you’re reminding customers you’re human and not some corporation that doesn’t want to interact with the people who make them who they are. Yes, the logo, colors, and symbols associated with your business are important; but so is showing face out in public. 

Mascots and brand ambassadors encourage social media posts. With the right brand ambassador at a tailgate, your social media imprint could skyrocket. An upbeat, knowledgeable, and personable brand ambassador can encourage tailgaters to spread the word about your product or service, especially if that ambassador is a mascot. With the click of a button, tailgaters can share an image related to your brand with their followers and generate interest in your business offerings. 

Tailgates are the perfect place for people to meet your brand. Whether you send brand ambassadors, a mascot, a street team, or all three, tailgates are an ideal setting for starting the conversation with consumers. For the people who already know your brand, think of a tailgate as a place to transform them into lifetime supporters. For those who don’t yet know your brand, think of a tailgate as an opportunity to make your first impression. Create memorable moments in the form of photo opportunities, games, or giveaways that will leave people talking about your brand long after the tailgate is over. 

Brand ambassadors can benefit your business in other ways, too. After the tailgate is said and done, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits of the work your brand ambassadors put in during the event. The content brand ambassadors, street teams, and mascots generated at a tailgating event can help keep your website and social media feeds fresh with new images, testimonials, and videos. In this way, you’re able to please the search engines and those users who come to your site looking for more information. 

Branding opportunities for tailgates are limitless. Sending a brand ambassador to a tailgate doesn’t have to stop with finding the right representative. When you have a plan set in place, your brand ambassadors can create memorable experiences for tailgaters that are guaranteed to win them over. Have fans remember your business by giving out branded merchandise. From koozies to foam fingers, T-shirts, sunglasses, and more, there are plenty of swag options available that make sense for a tailgate. Even better if your brand colors match the home team! 

Create a Brand Presence at Tailgating Events

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