Why You Should Use a Brand Ambassador as Your Mascot at Your Next Event

Why You Should Use a Brand Ambassador as Your Mascot at Your Next Event

Sports teams aren’t the only groups that benefit from having a mascot. Businesses can use mascots to their advantage as well. If your company has a mascot, events are a great place to utilize their character and generate brand awareness.

Discover five reasons you should hire a superstar brand ambassador to get into your mascot costume and bring it to life at your next event!

  1. Mascots are a great way to engage customers. Your company mascot brings your business to life. It’s a face, figure, or character your customers and potential clientele can associate with your products or service. Hiring a brand ambassador enables you to bring these mascots to life with excitable, spunky talent since these people are trained to entertain and interact with crowds of all sizes. Your customers can engage with your brand in ways you never thought possible.
  2. Mascots can encourage consumer behavior. Let’s face it — mascots are hard to ignore. Their entertaining energy helps attract your customers and makes them want to interact with your brand! What’s more, a good mascot will entertain but also guide your customer in the right direction, whether that’s the purchase of a product or toward more information on your company’s services.
  3. Mascots generate brand awareness. Part of a mascot’s job is to offer shareable moments. Photos and videos with your brand’s mascot are one thing, but the traction they’ll generate on social media is another. Think of all the brand awareness you can cultivate with a mascot and a carefully curated hashtag at your next event.
  4. Mascots promote brand loyalty and trust. Building the loyalty and trust of your customer is vital to any business, but it can be hard to do — especially without a mascot! Mascots are an easy and engaging way to make your customers feel more connected to your brand. Plus, mascots clearly express what you stand for. From their appearance to their color schemes, outfits, and name, your mascot can communicate with your customers and make them feel more connected than ever.
  5. Mascots are helpful to employees, too. While mascots are mostly for branding and consumer engagement, they can also be helpful when it comes to engaging your employees. From uplifting team spirit to making general tasks more fun, the appearance of a mascot can change the mood of any company event! At a promotional event, mascots can roam the space to find potential customers, leaving your employees to man your booth or table and ready to answer any questions once they arrive.

Types of Events to Hire a Mascot For

From corporate events to sporting events, street teams, pop-up shops, branded video content, trade shows, in-store promotions, and more, the All Aces Promotional Staffing spunky staff can bring your company’s brand identity to life and allow consumers to interact with your company’s mascot.

Let All Aces Provide Your Company With a Mascot

Whether you need someone to hop in your mascot’s costume for a meet n’ greet or you want to have your mascot give out free swag, costumed characters will always stand out. Hiring a brand ambassador to fill this role means you’ll have someone excited to engage with your customers instead of putting an unenthusiastic employee inside your mascot’s costume.

Let All Aces Promotional Staffing help! We can even assist with coordinating the shipping and dry cleaning of the mascot’s costume if needed. Contact us today, and we can connect you with an All Aces staff member who will bring your mascot or character to life!