When to Use Street Team Marketing

When to Use Street Team Marketing

Using a street team to bolster your marketing initiatives can be a powerful strategy. That’s because street teams are made up of enthusiastic and passionate individuals who will engage with the public and promote your brand, product, or service in large crowds where people may or may not be familiar with your offerings. Whether you’ve been using street teams for years and need a strategy refresh or are thinking about using one for the first time, the types of events you can send a street team to vary. 

Discover when you should use street team marketing to promote your business. 

Music Festivals and Concerts 

If your brand is planning to attend a concert or any other type of musical event, street teams can distribute flyers, posters, and promotional materials on your behalf. Doing so will generate buzz and excitement about your offerings in addition to the musical acts they’re there to see. Street teams can also interact with attendees on the day of the event, distributing swag and encouraging social media sharing. It’s a good time to take advantage of this because people are usually in a good mood when they’re at a music event and more open to interacting with those around them.

Product Launches

Are you planning to launch a new product? Sending a street team to the launch event is a no-brainer, especially in a retail environment. Your team can directly engage with potential customers by offering samples, discounts, and informational brochures. This hands-on approach helps create a memorable and personal connection with the product and generates lasting relationships with consumers. 

Local Business Openings 

Street teams are great for promoting the grand opening event of brick-and-mortar stores as well as being present on the day of the opening. While you’re ensuring everything is going smoothly behind the scenes, your street team can hand out discount coupons, share information about your business, and encourage the local community to visit and support your establishment. Street teams can also be helpful if your store is hosting a special event or sale where you want to draw extra attention to your location. 

Charity and Nonprofit Events

Educated street team marketers can help raise awareness for charitable events, fundraisers, and nonprofit initiatives on behalf of your business. The teams can share information about the cause, gather donations, and inspire community involvement. And you don’t have to be a large corporation involved with a charity to use this strategy; you can also benefit from the help of a street team if you are a nonprofit organization. 

Fairs and Community Events

If you’re a small business, having a community presence can do wonders for your sales. Use a street team to enhance your neighborhood visibility whenever there is a local fair, farmer’s market, or community event. At these events, your street team can hand out information about your offerings while also helping the event itself, distributing event schedules, guiding attendees to various attractions, and creating a festive atmosphere on your behalf. All of this engagement can result in more sales and leads for you.


Sending a street team to your local teams’ tailgates is another prime opportunity to increase your brand awareness. Since these are fun, playful atmospheres, your best bet is to have your team pass out branded swag people will want to keep and can use that day. Think koozies, hats, or reusable straws. Your team will help the tailgaters create lasting memories — memories that will be associated with your brand.

Remember — you can send street teams to some of the events in this list to promote others. For example, if you’re opening a new store or restaurant near a local music venue, send the street team out before a concert to promote it. Or, if your nonprofit is associated with your local sports team, have a street team pass out information during a weekend tailgate. The opportunities to use street teams effectively are truly endless!

Put Together the Best Street Team Staff

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