Tips for Staffing an Auto Show

Tips for Staffing an Auto Show

Auto shows are hubs for the latest and greatest cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you’re planning to participate as an exhibitor at an auto show in your area, you’ll have the opportunity to gain exposure for your business, network with consumers and tradespeople, and attract new clientele all at the same time. For these reasons and many more, it’s essential to staff your auto show booth with the right people. 

Here’s what you might need to consider when it comes to staffing your auto show exhibit. 

Types of Staff You Need at An Auto Show

Product demonstrators can help you capitalize on your product or service. Whether you’re promoting vehicles, specialty features, or a unique product or service that caters to car lovers, product demonstrators can prove invaluable to you at an auto show. With the right staff, auto show attendees will get a full understanding of what it is you offer and how they can benefit from it. They can be helpful in many industries, too, whether you provide a vehicle enhancement product, insurance, or anything else car-related.  

Brand ambassadors can educate consumers about your brand. At All Aces Promotional Staffing, Inc, brand ambassadors are one of our specialties. For auto shows, we will staff your booth with friendly and outgoing people who can speak intelligently about your vehicle, product, or service. They’re also there to answer questions directly, demonstrate how to use your products or services, and give out samples or swag, all with a positive attitude! 

Survey staff. Interacting with consumers during the auto show is one way to hear directly from your attendees. However, data is king and consumer feedback is very important. Survey staff can encourage attendees to complete digital questionnaires to get you the in-depth insights you need to inform future decisions about how to market your product or service.

Promotional models can attract crowds. These eye-catching yet knowledgeable people can help attract attendees to your booth, where they’ll learn more about what you offer. However, promotional models do more than look good — they engage your consumer, increase overall interest, and, most importantly, educate these consumers on the features and specs of any given vehicle, product, or service that you offer. No auto show is complete without promotional models. 

Street teams can also drive traffic to your booth. If you want to be hands-on and interact with potential customers during the auto show, a street team is highly beneficial. While you’re on the show floor mingling with prospective consumers and showing off your product or service, a street team can be out and about, whether on the floor or in the area surrounding the venue, directing more people to your booth. 

Why You Need an Experienced Staff at an Auto Show

Consumers like attending auto shows because they get a firsthand look at the latest trends in the automotive industry and learn about the newest innovations. They can also network with others who share their passion and participate in exciting events like auctions, test drives, and demos. No matter what their reasoning is, if you are an exhibitor, it’s crucial to have event staff that leaves a positive impression on attendees.

Whether you need product demonstrators, brand ambassadors, promotional models, or a street team, All Aces Promotional Staffing, Inc can provide you with the right staff for your auto show exhibit. With our team’s help, you’ll have a successful auto show experience and potentially attract new customers to your business!

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