The Rise of the Drive-In

The Rise of the Drive-In

Queue lights, camera, action: drive-ins are back in the spotlight! With strict social distancing guidelines still in place due to COVID-19, the nostalgic drive-in movie is once again making a comeback. A very welcome change for those in the experiential marketing and events world, All Aces Promotional Staffing, Inc. is thrilled to provide job opportunities at events like the Tribeca Drive-In and Michael B. Jordan’s A Night at the Drive-In.

The spacious parking lots with the big movie screens provide a very welcome break for the public to connect after weeks under quarantine. The venues are quickly emerging as the summer’s hottest trend, and the first job opportunities for event staff as states reopen and the experiential marketing industry adapts to the need for safe social gatherings. As anyone in the event industry knows, seeing or talking to friends and loved ones virtually just can’t beat real life quality time.

For people in search of “low risk” activities in the height of summer, drive-ins offer the perfect solution for a community activity outdoors that meets CDC guidelines. With the proper safety precautions and the element of social distancing built into the experience, drives-in are a fun alternative to Netflix at home or indoor movie theatres.

From July to August, in partnership with Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Studios, Michael B. Jordan is bringing a curated list of free drive-in movie screenings to towns like Jesup, Georgia and other U.S. cities.

All Aces’ Brand Ambassadors have been able to take part in this exciting venture, greeting and directing guests at these exciting events, which primarily focus on spotlighting multicultural voices.

In a graceful pivot from the usual Free Film Fridays hosted by AT&T for the Tribeca Film Festival, AT&T Stadium and Tribeca are adding a Tribeca drive-in series, with a variety of films, comedy acts, and more to drive-ins across the country.

While COVID has unfortunately led to the shut down of many businesses including indoor movie theatres, the experiential marketing industry is making lemons into lemonade. Certainly, being able to socialize in-person is needed, despite the virtual alternatives many have sought out in the past months in a life during COVID. Communities have responded well, as Brand Ambassadors report seeing how happy and excited the public have been to get out of the house for a night at the drive-in.


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