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We have local teams of staff throughout the USA, in Canada, and in Europe

Visit our promotional services page to learn more about the types of marketing and promotion events we staff. We have a variety of positions for talent including brand ambassadors, event managers, street teams and many more.

Everyone is hired as a W2 variable hour employee through ESSG and taxes are taken out of your check. If you are incorporated and have your own worker’s compensation policy you may be exempt from the W2 paperwork. Once you are hired for your first event, you will receive instructions for our electronic onboarding process along with a link for signing up. Here are basic instructions once you receive that link:

Step 1: Open the link on a PC/Mac browser, NOT your mobile device

Step 2: Click on “To Apply, Click Here”(near top right corner).

Step 3: Complete EVERY field, including your I-9, Date of Birth, Mailing Address and Social Security Number. Click “Submit” at the end.

Final Step – Authorized Representative for I-9: You will be prompted to select an Authorized Representative of your choosing – this should be a friend or family member who has met you face-to–face, and is able to verify and input your ID info on the on the portal. They will be sent an e-mail to verify your ID/I-9.

Until they verify and input your ID information, your profile is incomplete. Please notify your Authorized Rep to complete the verification process using their log-in credentials ASAP.

ID: Please refer to the attached ID list for acceptable ID’s that can be used to verification.

Direct Deposit/Live Check: We offer Direct Deposit and Live Check. We DO NOT offer Payroll Debit Card. Any profiles with inaccurate mailing address or direct deposit information will result in delayed funds.

When you fill out your ESSG onboarding paperwork electronically, you will be asked to give the name and email address of the person who will be verifying your I9. That person will then receive an email with instructions. Be sure to let them know right away since this is needed to complete your paperwork!

Please use the following link to create a talent profile (which is different than your onboarding paperwork link):

To set you up powerfully for future work opportunities, please upload 2 headshots and a full body shot, along with your measurements, a detailed bio, and relevant work experience. ALL of those fields are required to successfully submit a profile. When we have future opportunities in your area, you will be notified via email or text!

As long as we receive your paperwork and I9 in a timely manner, you will be paid within 1.5 – 2.5 weeks of program completion depending on how your event falls with payroll (multiple payments will be made for long-term programs). Payroll is every 2 weeks.

Reimbursements are determined on a program by program basis. If anything is reimbursed, your project manager will let you know prior to the program start date.

This is often due to an incomplete profile and/or the selection of photos chosen. Please make sure your profile is filled out as thoroughly as possible and include at least 3 clear, recent photos, most of them SMILING, so we can showcase you in best possible light to our clients. No selfies please! Ask a friend to take a couple of photos in a nice setting if needed, and update them often!