Ricardo’s Interview

Ricardo’s Interview

Today, All Aces wanted to celebrate Ricardo Bravo, a leader on the field and behind the scenes. Ricardo is a logistics master, mindful of even the smallest of details to ensure that an event will proceed smoothly. We asked Ricardo to sit down with us virtually, to discuss his experience while at All Aces.

How long have you been with All Aces Promotional Staffing?

I started working with All Aces in 2018 as a Field Manager but transitioned to a project manager in October 2019.

You have filled multiple roles with All Aces, how has it been transitioning between the different roles?

It’s been much easier than I at first thought, and it’s all because of everyone in the office. You all have been so kind, warm, and patient – not to mention available – for any questions or assistance I may have needed. It would have been much more difficult, if not for everyone.

What is it like being a field manager during COVID-19?

It was a little nerve-wracking at first. Even though you try to be as safe as possible, it’s still a serious concern, because you could never know if the people that you’re interacting with have been as careful as you have.

What is it like being an All Aces team member?

Being a part of the All Aces team is far better than I imagined. As I mentioned earlier, everyone on the team wants you to succeed. In so many workplaces, there’s an “Every person for themselves” mentality. With All Aces, everyone wants you to succeed, because when one person succeeds, the entire team succeeds. I love working for All Aces.

What is one memorable event that still stands out to you to this day?

We recently had an event for The Tribeca Film Festival which was set up as a drive-in theatre. Now, staffing this event was difficult because it took place at Orchard Beach during a time where the train was only supposed to be used by essential workers, and not many brand ambassadors in NYC drive.

On the day of the event, a BA suddenly drops out, (all too common, unfortunately) so they were to be replaced by the back-up, and the hunt was on to find a new back-up. After finding a new back-up, the ORIGINAL back-up canceled at the last minute. So, the new back-up took their place, and I had to find another back-up. This happened 3 times that day, but fortunately, everything worked out in the end and the event launched smoothly.

What is one thing that has helped you during working on-site?

One thing that has helped me whenever I was on site was communication – not only with the office but also with the team I was working with. Things rarely (if ever) go 100% according to plan during activation, and things change on the fly. Being able to clearly and concisely communicate with everyone regarding those changes could mean the success or failure of an activation.

What is one word of advice that you would give to other brand ambassadors?

A word of advice? Keep your word. My father taught me that a person is only as good as their word, so if you agree to work – work. So many BA’s see the event marketing world as “filler work” until something better comes along, so they don’t take it seriously. They don’t realize (or seem to care) how much the last-minute call-out can inconvenience a program. Not only that, but it can damage their reputation as well. This industry isn’t as large as one might think, and most people in the field know each other one way or another, so word of one’s careless work ethic and attitude travels fast.

That brings me to one more word of advice. Take pride in your work, whatever the gig is. Always work to the best of your abilities, because I promise you – it doesn’t go unnoticed, and it’ll only create more opportunities for you in the future.

What are your tips (if any) to aspiring Team Leads out there?

Work alongside your team and lead by example. Never ask them to do anything you’re not willing to do yourself. Your team will often bring the same level of energy to the job as you do, so take it seriously. Treat everyone with respect, and they’ll often do the same in return. More often than not, your team will work harder because of the mutual respect and appreciation that you have for each other.

We are so appreciative to have Ricardo on our team. Ricardo is exceptional in the field as a team manager and is terrific in the backgrounds as a project manager. His friendly and cheerful personality always brings a ray of positive energy into the office and we are just as ecstatic to have him be part of the All Aces family!