Red Flags When Hiring Event Staff

Red Flags When Hiring Event Staff

When you start planning an event, hiring the right staff can seem like a challenge. Whether it’s your first event or the hundredth, you know that some people may not live up to your expectations. And if you hire the wrong people, your event could go very poorly, leaving a negative lasting impression on the attendees. To avoid day-of issues, consider these qualities as red flags you should watch out for when evaluating candidates. 

Inadequate experience. Anyone who lacks experience working in the event, hospitality, or customer-facing space should raise a red flag in your hiring process. Though some people without prior experience can perform certain roles, like event check-ins and back-of-house event duties, for the most part, you should be on the lookout for candidates who have experience working directly with the public. Key roles like event managers or supervisors should especially have prior experience to ensure they can handle the demands of the job.

Poor communication skills. Working with the public demands excellent communication skills. Therefore it’s one of the most crucial elements any event staff should have. Good communicators allow swift, effective communication between clients, vendors, and attendees. Ideally, you’ll want to hire candidates who can articulate their thoughts clearly, actively listen, and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and delays, all of which can negatively impact your overall event.

Lack of enthusiasm. When you host an event, you most likely want the experience to be fun, engaging, and informative. The staff you hire should display genuine enthusiasm and passion for the job so attendees feel the same. A lack of enthusiasm might translate into a lackluster performance, poor engagement with attendees, a negative experience for people, or an inability to handle unexpected situations that arise during events. Not only does this type of behavior reflect poorly on you and your business, but it can also make your investment in the event feel like a waste of time and money. 

Inflexibility or inability to adapt. It’s rare for an event to “go off without a hitch.” As such, your staff should be ready and willing to take on unexpected changes and challenges. The people you hire to staff your event need to be quick on their feet and capable of handling any changes as they arise. Opt for candidates who can demonstrate their ability to problem-solve and remain composed under pressure.

Negative references or feedback from previous employers. Like any other position, you should always check references and ask for feedback from previous employers or clients. You don’t want to align yourself with someone with a lousy performance record. Negative references or consistent negative feedback should raise concerns and prompt further investigation before you hire that person to staff your event.

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