Outdoor Event Staffing Challenges and Solutions

Outdoor Event Staffing Challenges and Solutions

Hosting and staffing an outdoor event can be a lot of fun, but it often comes with several challenges. Some of those challenges, like the weather, are out of your control, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared to deal with them! By addressing these challenges, you can ensure a smooth and successful event, satisfied attendees, and a positive reputation for your organization. 

Discover seven of the most common outdoor event staffing challenges and the best solutions for each.

Challenge: Recruiting experienced outdoor event staff

Solution: Partner with a staffing agency that specializes in outdoor event staffing to simplify recruiting, management, troubleshooting, onboarding, and liability. Inexperienced event staff might not know how to deal with the specific challenges of putting on an outdoor event, but staffing agencies typically have experienced and trained teams who are ready to help! If you’re looking for an outdoor event staffing agency in your area, make sure you do your research and talk to other people in your network to get referrals.

Challenge: Ensuring staff availability for the event date

Solution: Hiring staff for any event doesn’t guarantee they’ll show up on the day of the event, whether indoors or outdoors. Life happens—people get sick, family emergencies arise, and other challenges could prevent staff from showing up to work on the day of an event. When you work with a staffing agency, they’ll typically have a list of reliable backups in case of a call-out or no-show. This proactive measure takes the stress off your hands and ensures your outdoor event continues without a hitch. 

Challenge: Dealing with unpredictable outdoor conditions

Solution: Mother Nature can be unpredictable. That’s why outdoor events always need a Plan B. Make sure the staff you hire for your outdoor event is aware of any backup plans related to weather so they can best direct your event attendees on where to go and what to do when the bad weather rolls in. 

Challenge: Managing staff fatigue due to extended outdoor hours

Solution: Working outdoors can cause staff to become fatigued more quickly, especially if the event is taking place in extreme weather conditions. To prevent problems related to staff fatigue, implement scheduled breaks and shift changes to ensure your event staff remains at the top of their game. If possible, provide rest areas for staff to retreat to and give them refreshments like snacks and water. Doing this will also help keep morale high. 

Challenge: Handling last-minute cancellations of speakers or performers

Solution: Even when your event is planned to the second, last-minute cancellations happen. Speakers or performers may have emergency situations arise and they’re no longer able to go on as promoted. To maintain the event’s integrity, have a standby list of qualified replacements. Your staff can communicate to attendees about these changes and answer any questions. 

Challenge: Coordinating communication among staff in a large outdoor space

Solution: Many outdoor events occur in large spaces where staff are located far apart from each other. Though the space is ideal for the event, it can make communication among the staff hard. Usually, the best way to solve this issue is with two-way radios or communication apps. Before the event, educate staff members on the best way to relay information to one another on the day of the event to ensure everything goes smoothly. This also keeps everyone on the same page and allows them to respond quickly to any situation.

Challenge: Ensuring staff adhere to health and safety guidelines outdoors

Solution: Outdoor events require their own set of safety briefings that may differ from those associated with indoor events. For example, crowd flow at large festivals plays a significant role in the attendee’s safety. You want to ensure the entrances and exits are adequate and accessible for emergencies and that all walkways are clearly defined and marked, whether using ropes, barriers, or other stanchions. Before the event, conduct a meeting with staff so they know how to implement these practices. On the day of the event, provide first aid kits and ensure everyone is aware of all safety protocols in case of an emergency. 

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