How to Measure Event Success and What KPIs to Track

How to Measure Event Success and What KPIs to Track

Product demos, professional events, and experiential marketing programs are some of the best ways to connect with your target customer, create brand recognition, and demonstrate your product or service. But how do you know if the event you put on was a success? 

Event KPIs (key performance indicators) are the best way to track and measure how beneficial an event is to your brand. By taking note of and, specifically, measuring these KPIs, you will not only be able to determine the value of your event, but you’ll get data that will be useful when planning future events. Discover which KPIs will be most beneficial to track to measure the success of your next event. 

What KPIs to Track to Measure an Event’s Success 

Several key performance indicators can help you determine how successful your event was and what you can improve on the next time you put an event or conference together. Consider the following KPIs when evaluating your next event or demo:

  • Foot traffic and check-ins. When you can see the number of people who check in to your event, whether it’s at the registration table, at your event footprint, in a store, on social media, or all 4, you can put a physical number on how many people came to your event. This metric can help you gauge the overall interest in your event and determine whether or not this specific affair got your target audience to come out and participate. 
  • Leads. If your event is designed to generate proposals for future projects or sales, keeping track of qualified leads can help assess the need for your product or service and directly lead to sales. 
  • Sales. A business that runs on sales can quickly tell if its event was successful if it sees a boost in sales. Keeping track of which products were sold at a trade show or product demo and the quantity can show your immediate ROI. An increase in followers on social media can also be an indicator of event success — it doesn’t always have to translate to a dollar amount. 
  • Social media shares. Are people talking about your event on social media? Whether they’re sharing information about your event leading up to it or posting photos, hashtags, and information directly from the event, you’ll want to keep track of your customer’s sentiments about the event from beginning to end. 
  • Click-through rates. Another way to determine whether people are interested in your product or service is by using QR codes. Strategically place these scannable codes throughout your event and see how many people access them. You can place QR codes on flyers, swag, a table or booth, or signage throughout the event. Make sure you let people know exactly what they’re going to see once they scan the QR code. For example, will they go to your website or a landing page with more information about your product? Or, will they be able to sign up for a giveaway or free samples?

Aside from tracking your KPIs, another way to get feedback on your event is to ask for it directly. When you ask your attendees what they liked and disliked about the event, it will influence how you put on future events. You can send out a survey to all the attendees after your event is over or even at the event and ask them questions about everything from the ease of the sign-up process to their thoughts on any booths, speakers, and other interactive elements of your event. This process is one of the fastest and easiest ways to gauge how attendees felt about the event.

All Aces Uses Special Technology to Track Your Event’s Success

At All Aces Promotional Staffing, we use technology that easily tracks data for demos and programs to show you what was and was not successful at your event.

In addition to measuring the KPIs listed above, we can also indicate whether outside factors may have affected your results. Factors like weather, the time of day your event took place, and other special events taking place simultaneously can impact your event’s success. Knowing this information can help you during the planning process for your next event.

Are you looking for ways to measure the success of your event after it’s over so you can plan for more? Partner with All Aces Promotional Staffing! Thanks to our special technology, we deliver reports about all your events and demos in one place. Contact us now or call us at 646-829-1602 to see how All Aces Promotional Staffing can help you.