How to Keep Your Event Staff Safe at Conferences in 2022

How to Keep Your Event Staff Safe at Conferences in 2022

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic stopped the world in its tracks. As the new year approaches, more and more people are getting vaccinated, which means business is getting back to usual. In 2022, business conferences are expected to see an uptick in attendance, but many people still have concerns about their safety while attending. Fortunately, All Aces Promotional Staffing has a wealth of conference staffing solutions that will keep your attendees safe. Here’s how to plan a safe conference or business event in 2022. 

Before the conference begins, conduct symptom screenings of your staff and attendees. The day before the event, send out a digital questionnaire to gauge the ticket holder or staff members’ symptoms. At All Aces, we send these out to all of our brand ambassadors before any event they’re working at. You can find these questionnaires on the CDC’s website. On the day of the conference, consider further screening options like no-contact handheld thermometers. You’ll need to train safety ambassadors to conduct these screenings, but both steps can help stop the spread of illness should someone contract the virus.

Comply with the state regulations. The coronavirus guidelines change on a daily basis. So, when you’re planning for a conference, it’s important to stay up-to-date with these guidelines in the months and weeks leading up to your event. Your staff should know which rules they need to follow during the event, like mask-wearing and how many people are allowed at indoor and outdoor events. Lastly, make sure you keep an eye on local, state, and national regulations since some people may be attending your conference from out of state.

Outline safety protocols for conference staff and patrons. Encourage your team to wear a mask at your 2022 conference, even if guests are not required to wear one. Depending on the location of your event, masks may be enforced by the state anyway. Regardless, use signage to clearly and effectively outline the health and safety regulations in place at the event. Also, make sure there are plenty of hand sanitizing stations accessible. You may even want to give your staff their own hand sanitizers so that they have some on them wherever they’re stationed. Always inform your event staff of any safety-specific procedures so they’re prepared in case of an emergency.

Keep social distancing top of mind when planning your conference. One of the best parts of any business conference is getting face time with vendors, current clients, and prospects. But with the pandemic at play, it’s essential to keep social distancing in mind. When considering the location or creating the layout of your conference, make sure you keep spacing in mind. Whether that’s ensuring all tables are six feet or more apart or limiting the number of people sitting together, there are plenty of ways you can implement social distancing at your business conference. 

Take advantage of technology. Hybrid events are all the rage, especially in these unprecedented times. You now have the option to appeal to a broader audience by offering in-person and digital versions of your conference. However, if you provide a virtual option, you’ll require conference staff that’s knowledgeable about technology and the various communication tools necessary to run the event, in addition to a team on the ground. You can also make use of QR codes around the conference. These scannable barcodes can help eliminate paper agendas, handouts, and other items you’d typically print and pass out, meaning less physical contact between people. 

Be flexible with your event staff and attendees. As mentioned previously, the policies surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are ever-changing. If you’re planning an event for 2022, prepare to be flexible. This could mean hiring additional event staff for the day of the conference to keep everything running smoothly and not stress out your team. Or, it could also mean offering a no-strings-attached refund policy for the people who buy tickets. 

If you’re planning a business conference in 2022, All Aces Promotional Staffing can provide you with the staffing you need to execute your event safely and seamlessly. Contact us today to learn more about our conference staffing services.