How All Aces Keeps Your Staff Compliant with State & Federal Labor Laws

How All Aces Keeps Your Staff Compliant with State & Federal Labor Laws

Let’s be real- keeping up with ever-changing employment laws can seem daunting at times, especially if you are a company that already has your own in-house staff. It is very risky to place 1099 independent contractors in the field to staff your experiential campaigns, events, and conferences. With labor laws continuously becoming even more stringent, it is important that you make sure that you are diligent with how you hire, classify, and pay your staff in order to avoid a major legal headache and expensive future bill.

An alarming example is the 2017 misclassification lawsuit of Moet Hennessy USA and Strategic Experiential, which resulted in a $1.95 million dollar settlement paid to promotional models, logistical production staff, and brand ambassadors.

When working with All Aces Promotional Staffing, you never have to worry about facing potential risk because our staff are classified under W-2 and we have one of the highest insurance coverage plans within the industry, all through our back-end partnerships. They ensure ACA compliance with a comprehensive liability, professional, criminal, and automobile insurance with a $10 million umbrella as well as worker’s compensation and employer liability.

We specialize not only in event staffing and experiential marketing, but we also have the expertise that helps you save time and money with our comprehensive payroll services that will accommodate all your needs. We have the tools to maintain employee records, reconcile payroll accounts, process and pay all taxes, prepare and distribute tax forms through our back-end partners. We coordinate it all so you can focus on planning and executing a top-notch experiential campaign while we handled all back-end details to ensure labor law compliance.

You can trust us to manage your risk in presenting impeccable W-2 staff for your experiential programs. We significantly reduce and eliminate the cost of having to perform the responsibilities that you would if you hired your staff as an employee. Even if you prefer to manage your own team, All Aces Promotional Staffing can still handle the back-end and liability for you.

Our experienced team can get professional staff to work your event seamlessly and quickly. We manage the entire staffing process for you; including recruiting, screening, training, and payroll. This allows you to focus on what you do best and never have to worry about any possible risk or issues.

All Aces Promotional Staffing is here to support you. We understand the challenging balance of managing a successful experiential campaign while ensuring all of your staff are compliant with state and federal labor laws. If you any questions about how we can help you with payroll assistance, labor law compliance, or reducing potential risk, please contact us! We are always happy to chat!