Go Live Together Initiative

Go live togetherThe Go Live Together coalition has one mission: to put millions of people back to work and help sustain the events industry post COVID-19. Consisting of over 4,000 companies, the coalition aims to protect the trade show and live events industry, focusing on legislative action and direct support for businesses.

In partnership with the Events Industry Council, Go LIVE Together has called for congressional backing in the form of business stimulus across the live events industry hoping to positively increase spending in local economies. According to the Go LIVE Together impact page, “CEIR estimates, events contributed $101 billion to U.S. GDP in 2019.” No surprise there, as attendees spend money traveling to the locations, filling hotel rooms, utilizing local public and private transport options such as taxis, ride sharing, car services, public transportation. Attendees also patron local establishments like restaurants and bars.

Through collective advocacy, Go LIVE Together is making events organizations’ concerns heard and holding legislators accountable. Using methods familiar to the live events industry, the most recent effort came in the form of a crowd-sourced letter-writing campaign. Many live events professionals and business leaders took part to reach out to their congressional officials to advocate for their industry in the next round of stimulus considerations.

Along with the focus on advocacy, Go LIVE Together is offering health and safety resources, a fact database, and other information-sharing tools.

One of the many health and safety resources acts as a partner-guide to the CDC guidelines, outlining how event companies can enhance personal safety, improve cleanliness of a worksite, and ensure that the worksites have proper social distancing areas and flow. With all these resources and research, everyone is kept informed and safe as events get back on track.

Events have picked up in some areas of the country with strict social distancing rules, most of them drive-through or drive-in events. However, the reality of a pandemic has impacted the industry-wide approach to live gatherings. Required PPE materials, reduced venue capacity, and additional health and safety items such as hand sanitizer are the new standard. Unsurprisingly, the events industry has adjusted to the challenges in forming Go LIVE Together, adapting to the conditions on the ground and through policy change.

Check out how you can contribute to collective and legislative support for the live event industry.