Five Ways…. Brands Will Benefit from Using Personalized Influencers (aka Micro Influencers)

Five Ways…. Brands Will Benefit from Using Personalized Influencers (aka Micro Influencers)

It’s no secret that social media is your marketing campaign’s best friend right now – people are consuming more content online now than ever before.  While it might seem obvious that someone with a million followers is the best fit to represent your brand, companies have found that working with influencers with smaller followings can yield equal or more successful results. Many of our brand ambassadors have amazing personal brands in their social media presence online. We think our brand ambassadors transition well to social media, in addition to micro-influencers and nano-influencers, all of which we’re bundling into the term personalized influencers to avoid confusion!

Here are 5 ways you will benefit from using personalized influencers in the absence of live events and demos (and long afterward)!

  1. Utilize a Personal Approach for Higher Engagement: 
    Personalized influencers typically have very high engagement rates due to close ties with their followers. To maintain authenticity, they tend to produce a higher ratio of personal content to branded content, which increases overall engagement, so it makes sense to use this strategy.  You obviously don’t need to pay for the personal content they share, yet it will increase your ROI.
  2. Establish Your Brand with A Target Market 
    Personalized Influencers tend to impact segmented audiences and niche markets. Their followers mainly comprise of people who share their interests, or other commonalities such as age, group, or location.  You can optimize a campaign’s success in a particular location – like a store opening – by working with someone whose online identity is tied to that locale.  Same goes if you want to target a specific demographic or interest category.
  3. Maximize Your Marketing Dollars Now
    Personalized influencers cost less per post, and stirring up brand buzz on social media is your fastest route to economic recovery in these very tough times.  Instead of saving up till you can afford a larger influencer or celebrity, use personalized influencers to make an immediate campaign more affordable, while people are at home buying products and services they download or have delivered.  It’s a no-brainer!
  4. Better Bandwidth for Your Buck:  
    You can utilize the lower price to work with several personalized influencers, and increase the volume and diversity of posts across various demographics and geographic locations.  This allows you to hit several markets simultaneously and get a variety of content out there since some personalized influencers are video gurus, while others love a good blog writeup.
  5. Establish Your Brand on a New Platform:  
    Personalized influencers love to be the big fish in a small pond –many prefer to trailblaze a new social media handle (like TikTok) over the large sites that are inundated with data. By aligning yourself with a platform pioneer, you also become one, and your brand can be one of the first voices heard.

Ultimately, our global situation is driving people to crave community and tune into the stories and messages from more familiar faces and profiles.  Personalized influencers are the perfect marketing hack for establishing a sense of identity and trust with the people you are hoping will be future loyal customers.


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