Experiential Marketing the All Aces Way!

Nothing can beat the impact of engaging with your consumers in a creative and memorable way through a live experience. When it comes to developing a successful experiential marketing campaign, there are many moving parts and when done right, an experiential program leads to more sales, brand loyalists, and an emotional connection with consumers.

Recent studies show that 74% of consumers say that they are more likely to purchase products that are promoted at a live event, 65% of brands say that events and experiential programs are directly related to sales, and 52% of brands say event marketing drives more business value than other marketing channels. This shows that experiential programs are not only lucrative, but also essential in a world where everything is moving towards becoming more digital. The power of the physical experience cannot be denied.

Through experiential marketing, you can connect to consumers in a deeper authentic emotional manner, especially through human-to-human connection. This is where brand ambassadors play a major role in sparking interest in your brand by fostering positive interactions with consumers that will stay with them longer than any digital ad on a website or Facebook timeline.

Brand ambassadors become the extension of your brand by embodying your brand identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. The ROI of leveraging brand ambassadors can be seen in the professionalism added to your event that connects your consumer to your brand without having to waste employee man-hours or productivity. This allows for meaningful conversations to transpire because consumers want to know how brands will add value to their lives and increase brand loyalty.

As a leader in experiential marketing and event staffing, we believe one event experience can influence a consumer for a lifetime, and work to ensure that all staff interactions are nothing less than spectacular. Our brand ambassadors are hand-picked and trained to exceed your expectations in creating brand awareness and driving value for your company.

We have brand ambassadors and tour managers located throughout the USA with strategic partners in Canada, Europe, the UK, and Asia. We offer event staffing and management for an array of services such as, trade shows, conferences, street teams, mobile marketing campaigns, product demos, mascots and costumed characters. We also can assist you with program logistics, vendor coordination, research, and location planning.

Interested in learning how you can best utilize brand ambassadors for your next program? We’d love to speak with you! We are here to help marketing, media, advertising, brands, and PR companies execute flawless events that build bonds between customers and brands. Contact us here!