Event Marketing Trends for 2023

Event Marketing Trends for 2023

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and this year is no exception. While event marketing has always been an important component of a brand’s overall strategy, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed how we plan and execute events. As we move into 2023, staying on top of the current event marketing trends and statistics is essential to creating impactful experiences for your audience. 

Here are five event marketing trends for 2023, including stats, that can help you make informed decisions and create successful events this year. 

  1. Live events are back in a big way.

In 2023, marketers are excited to see the shift from virtual events to live ones. Though virtual and hybrid events will still be prevalent, 95% of people believe live events allow people to make genuine connections and meet business goals, so they won’t be hesitant to host people at their workspace or event venues. Despite inflation and tighter budgets, 70% of American companies say they will spend the same, if not more, on live events in 2023

If this is your first time hosting a live event or your first one since the pandemic hit, hire event staffing and management to ensure your live event runs smoothly. Event staff or brand ambassadors directly engage with your audience and create lasting brand impressions, enabling you to focus on your daily business operations.

  • Virtual events are not going away.

Although many people thought virtual events would die out once the pandemic was over, research shows they are here to stay because of their great benefits. In a study by vFair, 95.5% of the people they surveyed ensured that virtual events were a part of their 2023 marketing strategy. The top three reasons were because of attendance (77.2%), global reach (64.9%), and low cost (47.4%).

The virtual world is constantly changing, but an experienced event partner can help you navigate it. They can provide targeted support so you and your staff can focus on sales, networking initiatives, and growing customer relationships. 

  • Pop-up shops will be everywhere.

Pop-up shops are currently one of the most cost-effective, trending marketing strategies. Instead of spending a large chunk of your budget renting and operating a typical brick-and-mortar store, pop-up shops allow you to open smaller, temporary stores in established retail locations for a fraction of the cost. In a Storefront study, 80% of their brand respondents stated they were pleased with the results from their pop-up shop, and 44% spent less than $5,000 on them. 

Businesses worldwide use pop-up stores to boost sales, increase brand awareness, introduce new products, and more. To effectively achieve these goals and execute a successful pop-up, you need a team to help you develop the right strategy in the right market at the right time.   

  • Guerrilla marketing will experience a resurgence. 

As a brand, you’re probably no stranger to guerilla marketing techniques. They’re an innovative and cost-effective way of drumming up brand excitement, often in unconventional ways. In the past, events like flash mobs and product sampling in unique locations were popular, but in 2023, you can expect more influencer takeovers, augmented reality, and interactive installations. The most important part of a guerilla marketing strategy is the messaging. Word of mouth accounts for 54% of purchasing decisions, so the message must be clear and easy to understand so those who attend can spread the word.

This marketing strategy requires research on local restrictions and how to get permission from authorities to ensure you are legally reaching your desired target audience. We can help you figure out the logistics, develop a strategic plan to raise a large audience’s brand awareness, and work the event itself to keep it engaging and informative. 

  • NFTs will be incorporated into events. 

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, are unique cryptographic tokens that cannot be duplicated. Although this technology is relatively new, brands across the globe are already using them to create branded games, event tickets, and virtual tokens that customers can exchange for tangible goods at live events. Of those brands currently using NFTs, 39% of them say they have the best ROI compared to other channels in their media mix.

Even if this technology is still uncharted territory for you, learning what they are and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy is a must. A great way to ease your way into the NFT world is by hosting an NFT event with the help of knowledgeable professionals

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