Benefits of Hiring Full-Service Event Staffing vs. Recruiting

Benefits of Hiring Full-Service Event Staffing vs. Recruiting

If you’re hosting a business event or launching an experiential marketing campaign, one of your main goals is to ensure that the attendees get exactly what they come for. The staff members you hire can make all the difference in whether your event is a success so it’s important to find the right talent to represent your brand. The recruitment is just part of the process. There are other factors that go into making sure the team and event are as successful as possible which will also save you time, money, and resources. Read on for five ways you can benefit from a full-service event staffing agency

  1. An event staffing agency focuses on building a relationship. When you recruit event staff, you’re often focused on finding staff members for one event. After the event is over, you most likely won’t interact with that staff until the next event, if ever. When you work with an event staffing agency, the managers at the agency seek to develop a sustainable relationship with their talent. They use feedback from both staff and clients to establish each staff member’s core strengths and determine what jobs are best suited for them in the future. Agency managers may also host meet-and-greets in markets where they have active talent, so their best staff can remain connected to the agency.
  2. An event staffing agency coordinates preparation and training. While you may be sending qualified applicants to the client when you recruit event staff, this option typically does not include the additional responsibilities of coordinating interviews, training, and preparing the staff. Managers at an event staffing agency will coordinate these logistics and ensure their client doesn’t miss any details, no matter how big or small such as making sure staff members are trained, advising on proper wardrobe, ensuring addresses are correct, and more.
  3. An event staffing agency assists with troubleshooting and backups. In the live event industry, you have to be prepared for things to go wrong. Not only that, you need to have solutions and alternate plans at the ready. When you just recruit your event staff, you won’t be prepared with backup staff members in real-time should any complications occur. However, agency managers are 100% reachable before, during, and after an event to ensure staff members are present and on time. More importantly, they’ll be there to troubleshoot if there are any attendance or other staffing issues.
  4. An event staffing agency will oversee the entire event, not just talent. If you decide to recruit your event staff, you’ll have the proper number of people needed to work the event, but that’s where the event management ends. Agency managers often have experience coordinating and planning logistics for specific projects. They will go the extra mile to make sure the client has all the additional help they need, whether it’s having supplies or proper attire on hand or handing face masks out. If there’s a complication at an event, agency managers will often work alongside the client to ensure it’s fixed.
  5. An event staffing agency enhances the staff’s performance if performance is weak. Recruiting your own event staff means that you may wind up with inexperienced talent, and you may not have the resources to help train and assist them or correct behavioral issues on the spot. Agency managers are solution-oriented when it comes to staff performance. They have the proper tools and management skills to coach staff members who are not performing to your standards and minimize any loss if someone needs to be replaced.

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Finding the best talent for your next live event is imperative to making the event a success. While recruiting staff may seem like an easy process, it’s more beneficial for you and your event attendees to partner with a professional event staffing agency. From ensuring the staff is trained to troubleshooting problems and assisting with event logistics, an event staffing agency offers more than simply recruiting.

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