All Aces Spotlight: Victoria C.

When COVID first hit, Victoria was understandably worried about her work, with all of the safety-related event cancelations. All Aces Promotional Staffing, Inc. took an opportunity to talk to Victoria about her experience in the industry, and with our team.

When her sister told her about schedule flexibility and working events such as concerts, festivals, and interactive promos, she instantly knew that this engaging environment was suited for her. She has been a Brand Ambassador for 2 years, a part of the All Aces family for 7 months now, and says: “I love it! I wish I found [All Aces] earlier in my BA career.”

When asked about her favorite event, Victoria told us that she most enjoyed representing AT&T at the Spurs home games. She found working NBA events, instead of attending, different and interesting as she was able to take part “behind the scenes”. That doesn’t mean every event has been easy; one of the first events she worked was quite a challenge. Victoria’s team was representing a cell phone carrier company and was in charge of distributing branded items to current and potential customers. Although the items did not arrive, Victoria said: “luckily we had enough information and knowledge about the brand that we were able to make do without, and educate while increasing brand awareness.” Despite the challenge, Victoria did what all successful brand ambassadors do: critically analyze what the event needed to be successful within the given circumstances at hand. Due to such great work, the day after the event, customers came to the store asking about the deals Victoria and her team educated them about.

Adaptability while working in the evolving landscape of a live event is one of the most important skills that All Aces Promotional Staffing screens for in the interview process. Victoria emphasized how knowing the brand you are representing is of utmost importance. This view is shared by the All Aces team, who make brand education a focal point when hiring and training our staff on a program.

When asked further about skills, Victoria said that “the most important skill you will need as a brand ambassador is great communication.” We agree with Victoria that you can develop this skill even further with brand ambassador work. We were very happy to hear that working in this field has helped Victoria come out of her shell and become the outgoing leader we appreciate collaborating with today. Similar to the need for clear communication onsite, Victoria emphasized how critical open and effective communication with project managers and the agency team is to help events go smoothly. Victoria’s three pieces of advice for any new brand ambassadors would be: (1) to remember that “attitude is everything,” (2) to remain professional at all times, and (3) never forget to have fun!

Once some opportunities opened up for All Aces during COVID, we knew we wanted Victoria with us! Victoria is now able to work events with all the necessary precautions, and says, “I feel very safe at work!” Most recently, Victoria is working on the incredible food bank program, via Wasserman, organized by Wells Fargo and local member Feeding America food banks. She told us that: “everyone is so grateful that we organized a food drive for our community, and I am so glad I get to help families through this pandemic.”

The entire team at All Aces is honored and humbled to offer such meaningful, community-driven work to our staff during these trying times.

Our team is very grateful to have Victoria, and we look forward to working with her on successful events together in the future!