5 Roles Pivotal for Virtual Events

As the current experiential marketing climate becomes more virtually based due to COVID-19, All Aces Promotional Staffing has adapted to the need for virtual events. Leveraging our expertise in the experiential marketing and digital event industries, we have compiled a list of the emerging roles that are becoming crucial to the new virtual event industry. Read on for descriptions of the key players needed to facilitate a smooth and seamless virtual experience.

Event Technologist

  • Responsible for sourcing and implementing the technology platform used for the virtual event
  • Act as point of contact for event technology suppliers
  • Deep understanding of the platform and strong technical skills
  • Familiar with the landscape of vendors that support virtual events

Virtual Event Tech Support

  • An expert on the implementation of Zoom or selected platform to handle virtual events
  • Develop comprehensive support plan for the platform (knowledge of frequent or most common glitches)
  • Be reactive in real-time during the event to problem solve IT issues as they occur

Virtual Event Production Specialists /Technical Producers

  • Deals with audio and video equipment, internet bandwidth requirements for live streaming, etc.
  • Walk presenters/clients through the scenarios that can occur when hosting a virtual event
  • Help planners, speakers, and moderators set themselves up for a high quality presentation
  • Assist with run-throughs by offering support during camera and microphone checks, providing instruction on optimal angles and lighting, and generally consulting on how to keep both prerecorded and live videos looking professional despite being shot remotely.

Virtual Event Attendee Moderators/Experiential Producers

  • Moderates the QA, poll, and other interactive pieces in tandem with the VE Production Specialist
  • Communicates with panelists/speakers behind the scenes to encourage real time engagement with the audience

Virtual MC/Host

  • The MC helps to stitch together the information delivered during the different sessions, preserve the flow, and keep the energy high.
  • Reduce the risk of disjointed sessions undermining engagement.

These five roles each bring the specialized focus and knowledge components that differentiate another standard virtual event from a truly memorable virtual experience. If you think you are a perfect fit for one of these roles, All Aces Promotional Staffing welcomes you to sign up here on IOS/Android!