What’s better than letting a quality product speak for itself? The added bonus of an eloquent brand ambassador to represent your brand message and sell your product!

Everyone loves a free sample – let your products shine with the support of our experienced brand ambassadors. Not only will they handle the logistical set up of a sample display or demo, they’ll make sure people are informed about what they’re trying, and most importantly, where to buy it. Our recap reports help you understand your customers’ likes and dislikes so you can improve and optimize your products and sales strategy with data.

As a registered vendor in all Whole Foods throughout the USA, we are able to schedule your demos with ease. Not in Whole Foods? No problem! We can still assist with the scheduling of the demos so you can focus on your product. We can also store your demo kits and mail them to your team nationally.

Contact us to learn more about our promotional staffing services for demos and samples.