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All Aces Promotional Staffing Agency: In 2007, All Aces Promotional Staffing opened its doors with one goal: help top marketing, media, advertising and PR companies execute flawless events that build bonds between customers and brands. We believe one event experience can influence a consumer for a lifetime, and work to ensure all of our staff interactions are nothing less than spectacular. We provide staffing and logistics solutions throughout the USA, Europe, and parts of Canada.


We won the Best of Staffing Talent Diamond Award in 2016 and 2017, a distinction for having won the Best of Staffing award 6 years in a row. This achievement highlights our relationship with the staff we hire and it reflects on the service they provide for our clients.


Our approach is simple—plan for the best and expect the unexpected. Successful events are the result of detailed planning and meticulous execution. Our team of dedicated professionals has shaped hundreds of vibrant and engaging events across North America, each carefully crafted and tailored to client needs, and our success has resulted in our expansion into Europe. Our brand ambassadors are hand-selected, briefed and trained for each event. From late night phone calls to last minute changes, our flexibility and attention to detail has won the acclaim of both our industry and our clients.


Our goal is to maintain a long lasting relationship with clients and we value client satisfaction as our top priority. We are passionate about bringing brand identities to life, and we love what we do. Our staff and clients feel the same. We make it a priority to nurture relationships with our entire community. We have a reputation for offering fun and rewarding experiences for our brand ambassadors, and we know that they are incredibly important to creating equally rewarding experiences for our clients.

Like poker, All Aces is about reading and understanding the people we’re playing with. That’s why we’re successful. And that’s why our clients and brand ambassadors alike always come back to play at our table.

Lauren-RamondiLauren was studying to be a brain surgeon when she started staffing and managing marketing campaigns from her dorm room at Boston University. More than just an experiential marketing visionary, Lauren is a professional problem solver who is always exploring ways to adapt campaigns to maximize their impact. She is a true leader and passes 13 years of experience in promotional marketing, staffing, and brand management to her project managers. Lauren believes that passion, creativity, efficiency and a network of top promotional talent are key to creating successful events and client relationships. She is an expert at reading people and situations—something she learned through playing poker, which coincidentally is how All Aces got its name. When she’s not calling bluffs or running All Aces, she’s speaking Italian and obsessing about Harry Potter, but not usually at the same time.