5 Holiday Marketing Ideas That Aren’t Cyber Monday

Tis the season to be jolly… and buy gifts for your loved ones. With the myriad of brands and products for consumers to choose from it can be hard to stand out in the clutter. Interacting with consumers, creating positive brand experiences, and driving trial to purchase can make all the difference. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over (though my inbox is still being flooded), here are 5 holiday marketing ideas you can still take advantage of!

1) Giveaways

Have leftover product in your inventory? Give it away! Having people try your product is a sure-fire way to stay top of mind the next time someone goes to the store (or drive them to go there in the first place).

2) Holiday Coupons

Having a sale? Hand out coupons to local residents and tourists! Nothing will drive traffic into your store (or onto your website) like a cute, smiling face gently coercing them there.

3) Attend Holiday ActivityIs there a holiday fair/festival/parade happening in your areas (or 20 others you’d like to target)? Take advantage of one of the very few times you will have people standing in one place for more than 15 seconds with a festive spirit to have a team promote your brand or product. Especially if they’re at a fair with the intent on buying gifts!

4) Holiday Sampling

Is your product small enough to sample in stores? Whether it’s a supermarket, toy store, beauty department, or electronics depot, demonstrating your product and letting people try samples in the location they can actually purchase is it priceless (just think of all the times you’ve fought for samples at Costco).

5) Give Your Event A Personal Touch

Sponsoring an event or exhibiting at a show? Help your booth stand out by having a presence before people even walk in! Whether it’s a costumed character or a team of brand ambassadors passing out samples and information about your company (or both), having that stand-alone presence outside the venue will make people more apt to visit you when they’re actually inside.